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Web-based sessions

I have been offering web-based therapy sessions for several years using secure video chat software over the Internet. The effectiveness of online therapy is supported by research and therapeutic approaches like CBT and EMDR are available through this medium. I have undertaken accredited online training with ACTO to enable me to offer an effective and professional service to my clients.

Can anybody have web-based therapy?

Under current ethical guidelines for online counselling, I may have to recommend alternative avenues of support if you are experiencing significant distress, including suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Face-to-face sessions will provide a more appropriate level of support in these circumstances.

Who can benefit from online therapy sessions?

Web-based therapy can benefit clients who are unable to attend sessions in person because they are away at school or university, travelling for work, lack good transport links or have time constraints. Clients who find it difficult to leave home because of fear, illness or mobility problems will benefit from web-based sessions.

How do I know if web-based sessions are suitable for me?

We can arrange a free 15-30 minute online or phone assessment session. I will ask you about your mental health, including any suicidal thinking and behaviours. This will ensure whether online sessions are appropriate and will be supportive for you, and enable you to ask me any questions that you may have. If web-based therapy is not the best fit for you and you are unable to attend in person then I will help you to find a more suitable arrangement in your area.

How do you accommodate for the differences in online versus face-to-face sessions?

Web-based sessions are structured appropriately so that there is time to debrief and clarify the content of a session. It is more common to have misunderstandings in online sessions due to missed information so we will plan and prepare for this eventuality in our first session.

Where should I be for my sessions?

Please ensure that you are in quiet environment where background noise is minimised and you are able to talk without fear of being heard or interrupted.

What do I need?

You will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with webcam facilities and sufficient data bandwidth allocation on wifi or 4G.

What platform will we use for our online sessions?

I use a safe, secure and free software platform called Vsee that is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets. I will send you a link to this when we arrange our free assessment session.

If I haven't had much experience of video chat, will this affect our sessions?

I will guide you through the process so that you feel more comfortable managing any technical challenges.

What happens if our session is disrupted due to technical problems?

In the event of any technical failures, we will be able to revert to phone for the remainder of our session.