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“CBT has enabled me to deal with my panic attacks by learning what the causes were, how to spot negative patterns of thinking and simple techniques to deal with the spiralling thoughts. It is a completely safe and comfortable environment; Sarah is very kind and easy to talk to. I don’t know how I would have coped with my A Levels without her support.” — Female client, 18 years old

“Following a road accident and previous childhood trauma, I undertook a 10 session plan for anxiety and PTSD. My therapy has helped me overcome aspects of my life I previously found challenging and has made me a more confident person. The EMDR sessions I did had an instant impact. I reevaluated my attitude towards these incidents so that they no longer affected my day to day life. I found Sarah incredibly helpful as she allowed these sessions to run at a pace I was comfortable with, as well as helping me understand how I can manage my emotions outside the sessions.” — Male client, 18 years old

“My therapy allowed me to think on a deeper level about why I have a problem and how it originally started which helped me to understand my illness more. I can honestly say, without my therapy, my life would be different and I can’t thank Sarah enough for how she has helped me through the dark stages in my life.” — Female client, 16 years old

“The CBT sessions have helped me to develop resilience against negative thoughts about myself. I have been able to move on from disabling anxiety because of the supportive counselling I am receiving. The sessions are a safe haven and have helped me regain my self confidence.” — Male client, 49 years old

“Meeting Sarah has been life changing for me. She truly understands the intricacies of OCD. Most importantly there is no thought, impulse or obsession that will shock her and you will begin to feel at ease opening up to her very quickly. She helps give you perspective on the illness and helps you to develop the tools and techniques you will need to prevent it from taking over your life. She has an amazing understanding of exposure therapy which is crucial in overcoming OCD. I will be eternally grateful for the impact she has had on my life” — Female client, 35 years old